Monday, November 2, 2015

Trappings of Tradition

Don't be trapped by the traditions of your family, co-workers or anyone. Making your own way is full of freedom and though a bit scary at times, it is usually worth it all in the end.

My original plans for November 2nd were to be on the road or in Colorado Springs visiting my son and his family. However God's plans were better than mine and I have to trust in him that all things will work out and a trip to Colorado will happen exactly in God's timing.  We realized in September that we didn't have the money to make the trip and though that made us sad, we are trusting God to lead the way and show us what is best. 

The families here in TN and CO are doing well and the new babies are thriving. I am always looking on facebook to see if my daughter or daughter in law have posted new pictures I can see of how the children are doing. 

Technology and even facebook get a bad reputation from those that either don't understand it or don't use the privacy settings. I joined facebook back in 2009 purely from a business standpoint but since then I have found long-lost friends, elementary schoolmates and made friends all over the US and the world thanks to technology and the internet. 

At 45, I am anything but traditional, but I have learned many things over the years and I am determined to keep learning and loving as life goes on. 

I never took my kids to a pumpkin patch and as best as I can tell, they are healthy and pretty well adjusted. I did have portraits taken every fall and bought lots of the school pictures just to keep track and watch them grow up in photos. I did  have them both in scouting organizations and supported their school activities if they were involved. One child was in everything it seemed and the other was happier at home playing video games. If you know my children, you can guess which description is which child.

As we look to November holidays and all the holiday stress, just keep this in mind, it is NOT what is on the table or even who you sit with that matters. What matters is that you are thankful and you have people around you that you truly care about.  If it is a church potluck you are most looking forward to, then great! Go Enjoy it and have a blast. If you are happiest serving at a food pantry on Thanksgiving or working the local Turkey Trot that morning, Go be the best You that You can be.  If you prefer to sleep in, while your significant other goes out hunting that morning, that is great too.

Bottom Line - Just be yourself! That is who GOD created you to be.
Do for others if you can and if you can't help them financially, help them emotionally by listening and checking in on them.

Love each other!!