Friday, November 20, 2015

North vs. South

As I sit here at the office on the Friday before Thanksgiving, I hear many conversations.

I hear the gal up front telling her boss about how many Southern foods she dislikes (she used to live in PA). 

I hear another co-worker talking about her birthday celebration and how much she likes icing but not the cake underneath it.

Everyone has likes and dislikes but it really amazes me how differently people eat and formulate their traditions (opinions) based on food or where they are from.

I was born here in Nashville, TN and I consider myself a decent Southerner (if there is such a thing).

This brings to mind all of our differences and in this day and age everyone seems to scream about their differences and wanting rights based on them instead of reaching out and seeking common ground to make the world a better place.

There really is no right or wrong food for the table any day of the week. The coolest thing you can do is try a new food and explore your horizons. 

I personally love to try new foods from all over the world because that is the only true way to know what I like and/or dislike.

So next week (or whenever you do your Thanksgiving meal), be sure and try new things or Aunt Lois' new recipe just to make her smile.

Don't start any family arguments over the food, placement, table arrangement or the restaurant you visit. Stop and be utterly thankful for the people you have in your life.

Watching my dad go through 2 cancer surgeries since September certainly puts a different spin on Thanksgiving this year. We are just going to be happy to be together no matter where it is.

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