Monday, November 30, 2015

Keep Believing

I urge you to keep believing and working toward things in your life improving.  Everyone has something in their life they would like to change or improve.

For many, many years I wanted to go from November 20th straight to January 1st to avoid both Thanksgiving and Christmas for many, many reasons. This year, I am enjoying every day as it arrives and thankful for it.

What changed?
Well I have healed up from most of my past hurtful relationships and I have learned to be thankful and let the mess I cannot change go.  Things still bother me and there are people I still choose to block and/or avoid to keep my sanity. Our family has gotten closer this year due to many reasons but most of all we rallied around my dad as he went through 2 surgeries to remove tumors.

So for the first time that I know of the Walker family descended upon a local buffet restaurant for our family Thanksgiving get together. All of us were there except for my son Brian and his family. It was a great day. Then later that day David and I went to the movies and started a little tradition of our own.

The day after Thanksgiving I was doing 2 things, I was promoting the online sale on my website ( and went to storage to retrieve the Christmas tree and ornaments. I didn't buy this tree, but it was the tree we had when I lived in GA. When my 2nd husband and I split, he gave me all the xmas stuff because he said he didn't need it or want it. He knew I was going to be close to my daughter and might want it for the grandchildren.  However, this was the first year I had looked for any of the xmas decor with intent to decorate a home.

I put up the tree and reminisced as I found paper ornaments made by my children back in the 90's with their school pictures and even some my daughter made with craft foam and pictures of our pets and memories from family trips.

I threw away some ornaments and I tossed some that were damaged or unusable. The extra stockings with no names I have given away so that someone can get some use out of them.

Another milestone we have reached at home is that we are making it our own and moving in our furniture where we want it and day by day, it is becoming our place for our future. It is a slow-moving process at times, but I am so happy to see the dreams coming true as days go by.

So please, don't despair and don't give up. Keep Going, do what you can, Smile as much as you can and love those around you. Keep Believing my friends!

Be sure and pass my blog on to those you feel it would help and if you are in danger, seek help.
Call the domestic violence hotline at 1-800-799-7233 to get more information.