Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Are You "ALL IN"?

To be "All In" is to give it your all.
The term is used in sports, gambling, business and even relationships.

When things get ugly, do you turn tail and run away or do you take a stand and give it all you have?

When reaching and working for a huge goal in business you may have to work around the clock for days, weeks, months to reach a certain sales or recruiting goal. But once you reach it and realize that you have accomplished this big thing you almost gave up on.. You stop and celebrate because you did accomplish the task.

Some months are easy and nothing out of the ordinary happens, but some months, you are hit with medical diagnoses and bills you never saw coming. You have to keep getting up and doing what you do to cope and get through the rough time.

When money is tight and things all around you seem to be falling apart, you have to find something to hold onto in order to get through the slim times.

Choose to reach for your Bible, a devotional, or a God-Fearing friend to keep you on the right path.  I have heard a few preachers and a movie use the phrase Hit your knees before you phone a friend.  It is better to pray about it before you complain about it.

For years I complained and complained and didn't really do anything to change the way things were. But I know now how much prayer can help for anything. God wants us to come to him for everything. 

So whatever you do, Give it All you have and Be "ALL IN" knowing that when you give a situation, job, interview, even chores your all, God will fill in the gaps as needed. But He is not going to come to the table if you don't invite him.

If you are in danger, seek help or call 911 for immediate situations.
Call the hotline for other help 1-800-799-7233