Monday, October 26, 2015

Quiet Times

Some of us fill our planners and date books with tons of stuff to do and places to be.

The older I get the more I enjoy having a day on the calendar with no place to be and no reason to set the alarm clock.

This past Saturday was one of those treasured days. I got up, made my coffee and enjoyed quiet time out in the carport while I did the laundry. (I realize this may sound lazy and boring to some, but bear with me.)

I did not turn on the laptop, I did check social media through my phone and I texted a couple of my Saturday friends to let them know all was well at the homestead.

We had a drizzle off and on that day and my daughter was having her meet & greet for the grandbaby at 1 that day. I had plenty of time to get stuff done and not rush around.  It was beautiful watching the fall leaves fall at the house and just be.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with my daughter and her newborn and his older brother Nikolai. I am very blessed to have them living close by. I went and met a friend to watch some college football and just chat. That was such a blessing too.

After David got home from work, we just relaxed, fixed some dinner and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Having a home full of peace and quiet is so much nicer than having to worry about what you are going home to every night of the week. No walking on eggshells for us.

Some folks go for walks in nature, or read or just sit on the porch with their coffee/tea reflecting on the day. What ever you do to decompress from the workweek, put this in your planner and you will be recharged for the next round of work and deadlines.

Sunday was a great day too. We spent the day relaxing after church, watched some football, and just enjoyed the quiet and conversation. Late in the night Sunday night we got a phone call that my daughter in law was heading to the hospital and most likely having their little boy that night. I am happy to say that Megan delivered Kyson at 11:30 on Sunday night. Mother and baby are doing well.

This is when I jumped out of bed to go get the laptop so I could skype and see my grandchildren, Megan, Brian (my son) and Megan's Mom Marie while we waited on Kyson to make his appearance. We heard him before we saw him. It was precious and now I can say I am Mimi to the fifth degree!

Enjoy your peace, because the chaos comes at you no matter what. Don't let anyone make a schedule for you that you don't agree with. Speak your mind with love and kindness and let those you love know that you love and cherish them.

If you are in danger, call and ask for assistance. There is no shame in this. There is strength in admitting you need help. 1-800-799-7233 or the local shelter.