Tuesday, October 6, 2015


God's mercy endures forever.

We have God's mercy because he loves us and wants us to lean on him for everything. He doesn't want to just hear from us when times are hard, when money is tight or we need a new job.  He craves a daily interaction with us.

We can read his word and promises to us every day in the Bible. We can take every thought, care, praise and thankful word to him in our prayers.

Get up every day and thank God for what you do have because without God,  you would have nothing.

Even when I was in the worst of situations and severely depressed. I did recognize that God was there. I struggled to believe he loved me because I was so messed up and had made so many mistakes.

 I had people in my life that constantly put me down, ridiculed me, and were very cruel to me both mentally and emotionally.

 I also had people in my life that spoke light into my life and tried desperately to get me to see the light instead of the darkness.

Thankfully for the most part at the end of 2010, I turned a corner in my life and chose the light more often than the darkness.

What I have realized as more time passes and I look back to those days, is that God never left my side. He was always there for me when I chose to reach out to him in tears, prayers or even the 'why me' days.

Psalm 136 says it best (over and over again!)
His mercy endures forever!