Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We all have Jobs to do.

I grew up in church and I have seen all kinds of people in all kinds of roles.

The challenge for any church and/or ministry is to have the right person in the right 'job'.  For example, you don't want a person with an abrupt way of speaking or nosy attitude to be part of your greeter ministry.

Trust me, being met in the sanctuary by a person demanding to know where you have been for a couple of weeks does not make you want to return or speak to that person anytime soon. There is a huge difference between a gentle concern for their well-being and putting them on the defense with your words.

I was not blessed with the ability to do children, youth or even nursery work in a church setting. I have tried and failed miserably.

I still could not tell you what my niche at church is other than helping. I tend to help with set up for events and work clean up as well. I suppose doing that type of thing since I was 15 prepared me well for it as an adult. I am also a pretty good planner and have coordinated a few fundraisers and expo's over the years as well.

No matter what 'role' you may have at your church or synagogue be sure you do it as if you are working in heaven itself. That will give you the proper attitude for talking to those visiting or just the regular membership. We want everyone to feel loved when they walk in the doors of a congregation.

If you are shown love and connections are made with those there, you will find a place to fit in the congregation and help them grow. 

Some people are part of the same church their whole lives and some who are in ministry end up changing churches every 2-5 years depending on the situation. Growing up as a minister's daughter, I attended many churches in Middle Tennessee and have many christian friends all over the state and beyond.

Be sure this week (and every week actually) to pray for your pastor, the pastor's family and anyone in leadership at your church. They need our prayers for guidance and wisdom to lead us where God would have us go.