Wednesday, August 5, 2015


If you have a safe place to call home where you are not abused in any shape, form or fashion, you are truly blessed.

The main forms of abuse are:

Sadly, there are fully functioning adults that because of certain situations in their life that they continue to put up with and tolerate abuse of all kinds because they don't see a way out.  I have been there and it is not pretty.

If you live in a home full of strife, arguing and constant turmoil, I am so sad for you. I have lived there too. It is a very unhappy place to be 'trapped'.

While I do not have answers, I do have compassion and my heart goes out to those who put up with the snide comments and constant lies because you have no where else to go.  In my past, I have been tempted to live in my car just to escape the turmoil at home. It has been that bad at times.

My definition of a safe home is this:
A place you can go to recharge safely and not be verbally attacked for what you wear, eat or how you conduct your life.

You can have an address and stay at a place and truly never feel at home there. I know I have lived it and it is very sad and painful. Most people don't know that I have ever endured this and It is not something I share with everyone but today I felt I needed to be transparent and put this out in the open.

I pray each of you has a safe haven and a place  you can truly call home where you don't feel threatened or afraid when you put your head on the pillow.  I pray you are confident that you have a place to stay every night. There are many in shelters all over the city that do not have that luxury.

Please take care and check on your friends. Pray about this and if someone comes to mind please call and check on them or even drive over to make sure they are safe.

The domestic violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233 for you that need that number.

Be a blessing and check on those that come to mind, you might just save a life or give someone safe haven for the night.