Friday, August 14, 2015


Were you ever told that you could not have the new bicycle or skateboard unless you did some work to earn the money for it?

I grew up in a time where this was the norm. I had friends who did yard work, had paper routes or babysat little ones to earn extra money.

Later as most of us grow up, we get our first jobs and learn just what it is like to have a paying job with a time-clock and a supervisor that we have to report to.  Most of us just learned to get the job done to get that paycheck.  Some people make that first job a lifelong career and many go on to get other jobs as their education/experience takes them down different paths.

But we earn other things besides money. We earn respect, friendship and admiration as we learn and grow on this journey. 

Think about the work you are doing daily and what you are working towards (aka earning). In this Christian journey we are all working toward a home in heaven. Thankfully, we have God's grace to get us through the mess-ups.

I have often heard the saying to do your work as if you are working for the Almighty God and you will keep a proper perspective. This saying helped me tremendously when I had certain supervisors that were not the best to get along with.

I have also heard that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in  your life.  But when you have a huge goal to achieve, it takes tremendous effort to keep going and keep working towards it when you have setbacks.

Some people I know of seem to worship money because that is all they appear to be focused on. While we all need money to get along in this life, money should not be the focus of your day or every thought in your head. You cannot take it with you after all.

My thoughts today boil down to this. When you look at your paycheck, remember it is not the sum of your value, it is simply the dollars to pay your bills. You are worth So much more than the numbers on a paycheck.

Be kind to others and remember that everyone is fighting some kind of battle!
If you are in danger, get help! Call 911 or the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.