Monday, August 3, 2015

Detours & Road Trips

Life is a lot like a Road Trip

Sometimes your path is a straight shot with no traffic and no bad weather. Then other times the same journey takes weeks or even months to accomplish because life's road has construction, obstacles and detours that we didn't see ahead of us.

You can complain about the detours, the rain and the wrecks in your way or you can be thankful for what you do have along the way. As my friend Judy says, "You can have a bad day but don't unpack and move in during the day".

Be mindful of what comes out of your mouth on a daily basis. Are you always complaining and griping? Or do you choose to see the blessings in everything somehow every day?

Pastor Wes said in his lesson yesterday that if you will just listen to others around you, you will learn very quick how they really view life in general. If all they talk about is illness, job woes and all the bad stuff, then they are not focused on the blessings or their faith for a solution ahead of them.

I still have bad days and some of you have had a front row seat to them recently and over my lifetime.  I know I have lots more great days and great memories to carry me forward than I used to.

I am not a 'Pollyanna', but I do my dead level best to look for the good in a situation or circumstance. Even on the days I feel covered by a cloud of gloom, I lean on my friends to help me see the blessings even if I don't always recognize them.

So my friends, take the detour, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenic route. You never know what blessings and lessons could be on that detour. 

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