Friday, August 28, 2015


Some people thrive on meeting deadlines and actually work really well under that kind of pressure. Other people tend to get their projects done ahead of time so they are not 'under the gun' at the last minute.

19 years as a Tennessee state employee, I have worked in many offices with various goals and ways of getting the job done. What I have found is if your office has a true teamwork spirit, then you can get anything done when you work together. However, if you or any of your co-workers have the "not my job" attitude, you will be out on a limb when you are on a deadline.

Having peace at work is difficult at times when your office is on major deadlines because not only do you have the normal at home stuff going on but you have added pressure at work with lots more to accomplish.  To say we get on each other's nerves is an understatement at year-end. I work in an accounting office and from mid-June until mid-July, we are very stressed but we work together and get it all done.  We know that soon we will have a day where we can breathe again.

We all have deadlines or things we have to do by a certain date. Take paying your bills at home, that can stress you out tremendously if you don't have a system to keep up with them or if you forget about one at the last minute.

What I have found that works for me, is on my day off in the early morning hours on a Saturday, I will map out the week, from work, dinners, PartyLite events and workshops and bills that are due that week. This way I have it all in my phone and set myself reminders on my phone as well.

It is also healthy to get away from it all even if you only go to the local park and sit on a park bench to relax your mind. These days, most of us could use a day away from technology to help us get our focus back. 

Don't let your deadlines upset you, put them in a calendar and take control (as much as you can) so that when that chaos moment happens, you can handle it and not completely have a meltdown.

I also choose to listen to my favorite radio station online at work to keep myself in the right state of mind. If you are praising God, you will not be able to focus on your worries or fears.

Have a great weekend everyone, take an hour or 3 for yourself and enjoy life with those around you. Tell them you love them and encourage them. Call someone to check on them (even if you only leave a message).

If you are in danger, ask for help and call the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233