Thursday, July 2, 2015

Are you Unsettled?

I have had an overwhelming feeling of being unsettled since the beginning of 2015.

I was not entirely certain what I was unsettled about but I kept praying and doing my job and working my business and praying about it so I would eventually know where I was being led.

This has been an exciting year full of new people, new opportunities and growth for me personally and lots of healing in many parts of my life.

I am definitely on a journey and though I am not exactly certain where the journey is leading me I am completely "ok" with going along for the ride so to speak.

Being unsettled to me has been like a little bird being taught to fly by the mama bird and to the point of being pushed out of the nest so we are forced to fly on our own. Scary? Most definitely because I do not like or relish change in most parts of my life. 

But this year I have learned that if you always say no to the opportunities offered, you will never know what they could have meant to you along the way.

So, if you are unsettled or feel change coming on, Please choose to pray about first and constantly and then make your decisions with as much information as possible. Stay open minded and you just might find yourself with a new job, a new relationship and a new home!  The possibilities are endless and when we put our entire lives in God's Hands, He will deliver things that we never dreamed possible.

So Embrace being unsettled and Embrace change in your life. You will be glad you did!

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