Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Peace even in Traffic

Are you the type of person who's mood is dependent on the traffic flow on the way to work? I know of people who if they had to wait 15 minutes in a traffic back up will complain half the day and make themselves have a very negative day.

I truly wish those people would choose to see life differently and choose to enjoy the blessings of having a car, not walking to work and being truly thankful for what they do have.  Instead all they do is murmur and complain.

That makes me very sad for them as well. Some of these folks I have attempted to encourage and others are so hardened of heart that I am fearful to even attempt to speak peace/joy to their lives and days.

Back in 2010 when I started working in Nashville (again after a 2 year break), I had to get used to the traffic flow, different way to work and all the commotion that goes with a commute.  I had to learn, or re-learn ways to work to get around wrecks and shut-downs.  When I would have to work late and drive home at 11 or 12 at night, I said a prayer  for my drive home. I prayed for peace, calm, clarity and for my eyes to see the dangers on the road and for God's protection along the way.

I still say that same sort of prayer every time I get in the car for my 45-50 minute commute. I go through several interstate exchanges and split lanes that can get dangerous at times if others on the road don't follow the road rules.

Just the other day I got stuck behind a fire truck and ambulances while attempting to get to the interstate.. It was crazy merging traffic and lots to pay attention to.. but I kept my radio on low, kept my eyes open and didn't get loud or ugly and just patiently waited my turn. And my blood pressure didn't rise. And I got safely through the mess. It is just part of daily life in 2015 that you are going to have traffic.

Traffic is just not on the roadways, we have traffic at work (jobs to do, people to deal with, schedules to deal with, etc.) So be patient in all things. I still have to work on this because I too am part of the "want it now" society. But I know that God's Timing is perfect and God's blessings will be bigger and greater if we wait on him to make it happen.

So pray for yourself in your daily traffic and seek the peace in the every day! Seek and Ye Shall Find!

2 Chronicles 14:11 - "Lord, there is no one besides you to help in the battle between the powerful and those who have no strength; so help us our God, for we trust in you and Your name..."