Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just a little talk with Jesus

Many have called Jesus Christ the Great Physician.  We are commanded to go to him in prayer about everything, every decision, every issue, everything we are thankful for and for every step we make.

But yet, there are many who choose to not pray about everything.

I was brought up that your prayers were for those deathly ill or for those who did not yet know the Lord.

However, the older I get and the more I study, I realized that the Bible says to pray with out ceasing and to make supplication to the Lord about everything.  Yes, our Lord and Savior knows everything we are going through, but it takes some humility to name what is bothering you and verbally lay it at Jesus's feet. 

Through complete surrender and giving everything to our Lord through prayer and conversation, we are acknowledging the fact that we cannot make it without His strength and power. 

Think of it this way, you have a family doctor who you visit for check-ups, cold, flu, bronchitis and things of that nature.  Would you go to the doctor and pay your co-pay, sit in the exam room and not tell your doctor why you are there?  Or would you set an appointment, make a list of  concerns and issues and lay it all out before the doctor?  If you want the doctor to truly help you, you have to tell them what is wrong and why you are there.

In my lifetime, I have had only one therapist that truly helped me and because of my shame over my spouses affairs, I never told her I was dealing with a cheating spouse, I saw her every 2 weeks and never mentioned it until the end of my time with her.  She was very hurt by this and told me that all of a sudden things make sense and that she no longer felt she was treating me with one hand tied behind her back. That was a horrible mistake on my part, but I learned my lesson. 

I have had many doctors over the years that I only told part of the truth to. My current doctor saw through the smoke and mirrors in 2010 and since that time, I have been completely comfortable and not judged for my feelings, attitude or health problems.  I honestly can and will tell my doctor everything going on with me so that he is best equipped to help me.

Don't you think that the one who created us wants the best for his creation?  He numbers the hairs on our heads and only asks us to obey him.  Take every concern and thought to God in prayer and lay them at his feet so that you can truly be released from your worries and cares. 

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