Thursday, April 9, 2015


The hug from a small excited child when you walk in the back door is precious.

That openness and unashamed love is such a blessing.

The smile from a boss saying "Good Morning" signified you have a job to do and are not alone. You are a valuable part of the team.

The single act of holding hands with a friend during prayer can hold your heart together when you feel on the verge of exploding into a 1000 pieces.

A hug from your sister or parent can remind you that you do have family and someone who has always been there no matter what.

The simple touch on the arm from a loved one's hand shows concern and affection for you.

I realize there are people that resist hugs, touching or emotional connection because for part of my life I was that person.

It was a cold, lonely place to be.

To crave the touch and care from others is not wrong. In fact, we are commanded to have fellowship with others.

When you greet others with a hug or touch on the shoulder, you are encouraging them and letting them know you see them and you care about them. You probably don't realize the ways your touch impacts others you interact with everyday.

In the first year after my 2nd divorce, I was very closed off and suspicious of others.  I had been hurt badly and cancelled all the past trusted connections in my life.

After much inward thought, healing, prayer and forgiveness of others and myself, I opened myself to those in my safe zone.

I am still wary of many people, but I am learning to share and care from my heart because I want to be true and genuine with those in my life.

So Bear with me and If I see you around, I might just reach out with a hug when I see your beautiful face.