Thursday, April 9, 2015

Speak Up

As I sit here today reflecting on the loss of a trainer and motivational speaker... I know she will be missed by all who knew her or followed her on social media.

She did not play games or ask you to take the easy route. She pushed you to do the things you thought were impossible and believed in everyone's dreams.

She demanded the best of you and was a phenomenal coach and mentor to several friends of mine in the direct sales industry.

When she was given the diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer, she did not cower or stop living. She spent her time with her family and choosing happiness no matter what treatments or pain she was in. She also made videos on telling her followers what was going on.  She chose to shave her head during the process and treatment and her smile never drooped.

As those who knew her started posting quotes, memories and photographs on Mnday, many of us knew the end was near for her time on Earth.  Her laugh was infectious and whether she was your personal mentor or just a contact on social media, she was the same to everyone and offered to help everyone no matter what.

Michelle Ketterman, I met you in November of 2013 and you inspired me with your positive attitude and hard work. I am happy to say I met you that day and never forgot you. Your speech that day as the keynote speaker at Life Changing Conference 2013 (Franklin, TN) inspired me even though we rarely spoke directly to each other. I saw the change you made in others lives.

I am thankful to say I heard you speak, followed you on social media and knew your story.  Your voice that day was part of the reason I chose to follow my own passion even though I was scared to death to make that leap.

Please today, tell people you love and admire that you care for them or that their words and thoughts made a difference for you.  Knowing that you have helped another person spurs you forward to do even more for the world.

You never know who is watching you struggle, strive, and survive from afar.  But I guarantee you that someone is watching you.

Be the best you that you can be.
Rest In Peace Michelle Ketterman  4-6-2015