Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reflecting and Thankful

The past few days I have found my self reflecting on a journey that began in May of 2012. That was when my ex moved out of our family home. He continued to stop by and paid the bills on our apartment til the lease ran out in July of that year.  During that weekend, my daughter-in-law and I had planned a "Girl's Night" with my friends from Sears and others we knew  in the short time I lived in Warner Robins. We were determined to have a "show must go on" attitude about that evening in spite of the uncertainty ahead. Thank you Megan for standing by my side during that weekend and that summer! My son is blessed you are in his life.

My buddy Becky would drive down from Nashville to spend the weekend with us as well. All of those ladies that surrounded me with love in the midst of all that chaos  -- I am so thankful that God put you in my life during that time.  Emilee, Amy, Brenda, Becky, Megan, Rebecca, Debbie, Jamie, Patsy and Joyce all were blessings to me that weekend supporting me and Megan during a time of turmoil.

Emilee, you were never afraid to pray in front of us at work and that was a true eye-opener for me. It blessed me and I miss you so much and I am very thankful that through facebook we are still able to see what each other is up to.

Amy, Brenda and Rebecca, all three of you were strong-willed women who encouraged me to learn and give that 'cashier job' my all.

Debbie, you took me under your wing in the shoe department and offered a listening ear and encouragement with your steady demeanor and no-nonsense attitude. Thank you!

Jamie - even though you had to work that night and coudn't attend our party, You and I became good friends and stay in contact through facebook as well. I consider you a great friend as well that always tells it like it is.

I have a few other friends outside of my Sears job in Warner Robins and I think of you and sometimes talk to you every week. Sherry, Tiffany, Michele and Natalie -- You are not ever going to be forgotten. When I make it back to Warner Robins, I will do my best to find each of you. Michele that might be a stretch since you have moved to New England.. Your cupcakes were the best I ever ate in Georgia!

You see, what I have learned over and over is that No One is in your life by accident. Everyone has a purpose or a lesson to teach you. Be thankful for those you see everyday and those you rarely see anymore. They are part of the patchwork that builds you up and makes you who you are.  Even the boss who drove you nuts  - she had a purpose.. she was there to make you shine in the ugly times you didn't even realize.  So to that I say thank you to the bosses that drove me crazy.