Wednesday, April 15, 2015


When we are driving and come to a intersection, we usually know which way to go or have GPS to guide us if in a new area.

In life, we have a GPS as well, that is the Bible.

Life has a funny way of bringing things and people to your attention that you never saw coming.  It appears as if it popped up out of nowhere, but in reality this has been part of your life path for a very long time.

I completely believe that everything that happens for a reason. Some reasons we may never know in our walk on Earth. Other reasons will become clear the further we get down the road when we happen to look back to celebrate our achievements.  That is an amazing feeling to know all of a sudden in your soul exactly why things happened and how far you have traveled in the mean time.

I made some tough decisions of late that on the surface don't seem to have changed much about my life.  But these decisions had to be made to allow other things into my life.  I chose to walk away and let go of something that I once dreamed about and prayed to happen for me.  This has given me complete peace that has touched every aspect of my life.

Once I stopped striving for something, so many other opportunities have 'fallen in my lap'. That my friends is God's Favor and blessing in my life.  I had always heard you have to let go of the 'good' to get your hands on the 'great' things possible in life.  And this year.. I have seen it happen twice already.

I have been blessed with new contacts, connections, business partners and friendships that I never imagined. I am scared about a few things ahead for me this July but I know that God will carry me through and help me do whatever he needs me to do to serve his Kingdom best.

While I personally despise the song "Let It Go" made famous by the movie Frozen, the thought applies to what I am talking about. One day you have to wake up and just Let Stuff Go. You have known in your heart and mind for a while that you were not happy, so just let it all go and see what is next on your journey.  I guarantee you, if you stay in step with God's Will, you will be blessed in ways you cannot imagine. I have!!

Take time to put yourself first and believe you can do great things... You will do great things :)