Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Breaking is not the end of your world!

This morning while cleaning out my car, I had something loosely in my hand and didn't pay attention to which side of the container I was holding. I knew it was breakable and a piece of decor from my past life and the piece itself in my mind was tied to better times and memories with someone no longer in my life. 

In a few short seconds of holding this item's container on the wrong end, the glass slid out and broke on the pavement where my car was parked.  Then the second piece of glass slid out right behind it and only was chipped.  For about 10 seconds I just stood there staring in disbelief at what just happened.  Then I said, "Ok Lord, Another piece of my past is broken and it will not destroy me."

I picked up the broken glass and put the rest of the items in the trunk of my car chanting to my self 'it broke but you are not broken'. I did not cry and throw a fit or immediately get angry at the world because of a possession that I can no longer enjoy.  Actually this particular item has been in storage and out of sight for over 3 years now. That fact in itself is a symbol as well, I truly didn't need it anymore if I had not used it in that length of time. Therefore I don't need to see the memory attached to it either. 

Just think about the words Broken, breaking up, breaking free, brokenness...

These words usually signify an ending in a persons life.  In my past, I have viewed myself as left-overs and no good and worthless for many years both married and single. I also saw myself as broken and without purpose for a while after my 2nd divorce.  I kept moving and got a job and settled back in to the daily routine of working and taking care of business.  I also have cultivated and revived some friendships and learned things about myself that I never admitted before. 

So my message today is Break Free! Your chains are broken and Jesus paid it all!! Don't look at your past and don't allow others to keep you there or pull you back to it.  Be joyful even when something breaks, don't allow it to break you.  See this as a signal of change and thank the Lord you are still here and have something to offer. Today (April 8, 2015), the words "breaking free" signal freedom and a change in my life.  I see a woman with purpose, joy and many things to look forward to because God loves that woman in my mirror!