Saturday, March 7, 2015

Unseen Pain

I would bet that most of us have someone in our life who is in constant pain but rarely mentions it.

To the person in pain on a daily basis, I am right there with you. Every day I have pain in my body and deal with several issues.  No, there is really nothing a doctor can do so I adjusted long ago and learned to live with it. Sometimes, the pain is overwhelming and I have to take pain pills and/or medication to get the symptoms back to a manageable level and that is just part of my life.

If you ask me how I am doing, I will most likely say that I am fine because I refuse to become that person that complains every day about everything in their life.

There are many ways that pain shows up in our lives. Some examples are:
* Pain of heartache over a child you can no longer reach
* Pain of missing a family member who passed on
* Painful memories of a failed relationship

Depression, sadness, pain all go hand-in-hand and if you allow the Depression to take over, you will fall into a downward spiral that is very difficult (not impossible) to get out of. Each person will deal with these issues differently and please don't do anything without consulting your doctor.

Some people fight depression by exercising, walking, running. Some choose to focus on their work and that can become an addiction too.  I don't have any 'for sure' answers but I know that when I get out of the house and take a walk in the fresh air or just change my surroundings, or listen to praise/worship music that these things usually lift my spirits and get my focus on other things.

The bottom line is that I wish everyone would treat others with kindness. You truly don't know what someone else is going through at home, work, or with family and kindness never hurt anyone.  Your smile may be the only one they see that day.