Sunday, March 1, 2015

Apologies, Forgiveness and Letting Go

I have made many mistakes in life, business and in general.  Some people would even say they were probably not a big deal.  But when confronted with the fact that I hurt someone's feelings, I knew in my heart that I had done the wrong thing.

So, I spent a portion of February apologizing to people in person, on the phone and through cards I sent in the mail. 

I always want to be kind to others (even the ones who don't like me). I cannot predict how they will react to the apology or how they will treat me in the future, but I said my heartfelt apologies and asked them to give me another chance.

Forgiveness has been something that I haven't always done. It took me many years to start even thinking about forgiving my first husband but I did it for myself and for my kids. He never responded to my letter or email back in 2007 but I still can see myself writing it.

I spent most of my second marriage forgiving him for a lot of things and he always said he would make it up to me.  Now I find myself forgiving myself for staying in that marriage long after he had broken his vows into a thousand pieces. I thought if I stayed and supported him unconditionally  that he would come around and be the Christian husband I so desperately wanted him to be. This never happened.

To this day I am thankful for the time I spent living in Georgia for my eyes were opened, there was much emotional pain but I saw what I needed to see. I had Godly friends at Sears and through the direct sales community that supported me without even realizing what was going on until I moved back to Tennessee. Thank you Emilee, Debbie, Amy, Sherry, Natalie, Colette, Lissa, Tammy, Jean, Karen & Jamie!

We must let go of past hurts, forgive ourselves and others to truly move forward. There is a saying that says "You can't reach for the next goal if you are holding on to past pain." and I completely agree with that.

So Today at the start of a new month, look around and choose to Let Go, Forgive, Apologize so you can move on in peace.  It is not easy, but the feeling of letting go and letting God handle it is awesome!