Sunday, February 8, 2015

Privacy Needed

Have you ever lived somewhere for a time where you were completely uncomfortable?

I have had many ups and downs and over many years I have lived places and had roommates and living situations that were difficult on everyone involved. I am at peace with where I live and work these days but it has not always been that way.

Whether you are the owner or the renter, you both need to have boundaries and the renter should be respected.  No one enjoys it when their possessions/belongings are rifled through and re-arranged.

The owner would be upset if the renter treated them the way a lot of renters are treated.

What if the homeowners association committee showed up to check out your home unannounced and gave their opinions on what you ate, wore, disciplined your child or how you acted in the privacy of the home? 

Think about it.. are you treating family members this way? Or those you are trying to help out?

I am not referring to issues of safety, I am referring to basic privacy issues and boundaries that people would have if they were living alone.  Everyone deserves respect and unless there is a real cause to 'mother them' then you should live and let live. This may require biting your tongue and not giving an opinion on everything you hear them say.

Above all, pray through every situation in every way to stay peaceable and respectful. Show the love of Jesus in everything you do being sure to choose not to criticize the other person.

Criticizing others is not loving them and in fact in many situations, your criticism is a hurtful thing to them and their mindset. Speaking love and being gentle gets more progression than yelling and pushing your way around.

Be sure to stay safe and take care of yourself and your kids first and foremost. If you are in danger call 1-800-799-7233 for assistance or call 911 for urgent situations.