Sunday, February 15, 2015

Overflowing Heart

My weekend started on Friday night (2/13) and my beautiful daughter texted me asking if I would be home Friday night after work and I told her I would meet her at the house.

She had left me a gift bag on my bed and as I opened it, I received a valentine's pattern scarf, a charm bracelet with 2 charms of Snoopy (I have always liked that dog!).  Then I saw a card in the bag, I opened the card and realized it was a baby announcement.  Yep, My daughter and her husband are expecting baby #2 this October. 

I am so happy for them and got to spend a little time with my daughter and grandson on Friday Night. 

My Saturday started with phone calls and even a little time on the phone with my son and his children.  I spent Saturday busy with errands and a team meeting for PartyLite.  We took over a corner of a local restaurant and got to see the Summer Catalog and received a new summer votive for every live phone call we made during that 1 1/2 hours we were there. It's fun to just call your customers and say thank you!

My last stop on Saturday was to visit a friend whose son had a birthday party.  So I went to her house, picked her up for a little adult time and we relaxed away from the noise of family so we both could wind down from the day.  I was so blessed spending time with her and relaxing.

No, I did not have your typical Valentine's Day.  I have made a new normal for myself choosing to spend my day/holidays with people that inspire me and make my heart full.

If we walk in love everyday then we don't need a day on the calendar to make us spend time with a loved on.

Be a blessing and I highly suggest that you attend church with other like-minded Christians so you are continually sharpening your sword for the Kingdom.   See you at church today!

If you need assistance/guidance on getting out of an abusive home life, please call the hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for assistance.  There are those that would help you when you are ready to leave.