Saturday, January 24, 2015

Use your Auto-Pilot Sparingly

Do you live your life on "auto-pilot" or "survival mode"?   

I used to and sometimes still revert back to that habit because it gets me through a rough day or time.  I use it on those days when I am struggling to smile on the outside because I am crying and grieving on the inside.

There are times when my auto-pilot shuts down and that is when sickness hits or a major stress point arrives in my pathway.

I live with a chronic illness and have been dealing with this illness since 2001. I never let it stop me, however, there are times when it definitely interrupts my life and plans.

I have found ways to manage it and get through the days.  So most of the time, I don't think about it because it is just part of who I am in 2015. I refuse to let that stop me.  I cannot stop living because of an illness. I chose to adjust things in my life, avoid certain foods and keep an eye out for triggers that could make it worse.

I have been struggling this month to keep my auto-pilot in working order because it is January in Tennessee and sickness/illness is everywhere.  I have armed myself with several preventative measures to keep the illness at bay, but I also know that I am highly susceptible to the germs around us every day. 

Since Wednesday night I have been under the weather as they say and not my usual self. If you have friended me on facebook, you have probably noticed that I was not online interacting very much and now you know why. 

Today I got out (with the help of my dad) and took my car in for service and then I returned home and went back to bed.  I will recover, I always do, because God is taking care of me and I am doing all I can here to do my part to stay healthy and get better.

I say all of this to tell you that having an auto-pilot is not a bad thing because it helps you do things you don't feel like doing and keeps you going.  Just don't live on auto-pilot because after a while, it can get depressing and that is a rut I don't want any one to live with.

Keep going and don't give up.
Take care of yourself, your dreams are waiting for you to earn them! 
I believe in you no matter where you may be.
Someone believed in me a long time before I believed in myself.

Call 1-800-799-7233 for assistance and 911 if you are in immediate danger. A new domestic violence shelter is opening in Cheatham County and if you are so moved, please look them up and donate to them if you can. Here is the link to their facebook page: