Friday, January 30, 2015

No Grey Areas Here

Ever heard the phrase "Garbage In, Garbage Out"?  It is so very true.

The world today seems very accepting of so many things that are against God's Word that sometimes people think what they are doing is okay even when they have an unsettled feeling in their spirit.

That unsettled feeling is a warning sign my friend. Take heed lest ye fall and then you find yourself deep in the grip of something evil that takes years to get away from.

There is a movie coming out in theaters in 2 weeks that many women have been looking forward to for a while now.  The movie is based on a set of 3 books in a series most refer to as 50 Shades of Grey.  I have not read the books and I won't be reading them. I have seen and heard enough about the trilogy when I worked in a book store that I know I want nothing to do with them.

Society is referring to the story of bondage, abuse and control as a love story taken up a 'notch'.  This makes me sick to my stomach because that means that so many of our young people read those books and will see the movie as some romantic notion of what love is supposed to be.  These books are pornography and should not be sensationalized.

I used to watch soap operas and read historical fiction romances. It was a fairy tale that took my eyes off of God and his will and what He wanted for my life.  It twisted my thoughts and I am glad I broke free from that addiction as well. To me, an addiction is anything that consumes you to the point that you lose a sense of reality.  Even sports fans can take their 'love of sports' too far. It is surely a slippery slope.

There are so many movies, shows that twist the reality of what love and marriage is supposed to be that even Christians get confused at times.  The lifetime channel has so many movies where the woman is abused and that is very sad to me.  Being abused is NOT the norm for anyone (male or female).

When we put our focus on the Bible, worship music, praise and things of the Lord, we will not have time to read the trash that comes out of Hollywood or some of the publishing houses. 

Choose instead to read your Bible, books from Christian authors, Christian motivational books and many other resources.  Listen to and read things of God and you will get closer to his will and his ways more than you ever imagined. Stay Positive and Share your positivity with others.
Be a light in this dark world!