Saturday, January 10, 2015

Feelings, Pain and Honesty

I told someone in PartyLite 18 months ago that I gave them permission to be honest with me to push me toward my goals that in the past I had only talked about and never really took action.

I should have put on a coat of alligator skin.  It was hard to swallow at times because the truth hurts. When someone is coaching you and telling you how to do something, you have to trust they know the steps to take.  You may not like what they say, but if you want to reach that goal and truly learn, then you better take notes and take some action or it is all words.

We all have feelings and get them hurt from time to time when we  see others achieve something we didn't (aka jealousy or envy).  We can choose to cheer for them or sit and pout in a corner or at the end of the table to get folks attention.

I made a decision last year not to attend anyone else's pity parties.  Yes, I still have times where I feel sorry for myself, get angry cause I didn't hit the mark or goal, but I get up and Keep Going. I don't usually stay 'down' very long.

I have worked hard to achieve my goals in 2014 and I expect those on this journey with me in life and in business to dig down and work hard right along side me. 

God expects us to work hard for the kingdom and to do every job we do as if he were our supervisor. It is a very true statement because everything should reflect our faith.  A person walking in love will not deliberately say hateful things to another.  I do my best to see the best in people, and sometimes it is difficult to see a glimmer. 

At the end of every day, I hope that I have done the best I could with the knowledge I had at the time.  I choose to learn every day and hope that I have not hurt anyone.  Honesty can be painful if folks are not used to hearing it.  So, Speak to others with love and even when you have to reprimand someone, check your words. 

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! I am off to a Hostess Appreciation at a local restaurant to celebrate our 2014 achievements and say thank you  to those that keep my team and I in business.

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