Sunday, December 28, 2014


I recently visited my storage unit. That may not seem like much but it is still difficult to walk into that rented space and see all the pieces of my life sitting on shelves or in boxes.

My old wedding dress hangs in the corner and I have offered it to a few friends I know who sew to use to make dresses.

My camping gear sits ready for the next adventure, and the old clothes are waiting to be taken to goodwill.

I found a few older items from the early days of my business. I cannot wait to surprise my team with gifts for their hard work with the prizes I found.

In many ways digging stuff out of that storage unit and selling them or getting rid of them is a lot like cleaning out our lives.  There comes a time when we know we have to face facts, take a deep breath and just open a box and dispose of the items, use the items or give them away.

I stood in that space yesterday and cried over things I found that represented my children and my business.  A piece or two of me was healed yesterday as I found long-lost things and I was reminded what is truly important.

Clear out your own storage (aka your mind/thoughts) and you will travel lighter for the new year!

I do not know what God has ahead for me in 2015 but I know it will be great! God doesn't leave his children. Sometimes the children leave Him, but God never moves. Trust Him and Don't you ever give up!

I pray you have a peaceful week and leave 2014 where it is and don't take anything with you into the new year that you truly do not need. Be Blessed!