Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Full Circle

We here on earth may think that things take 'forever' to happen. We work and work and never actually see the process behind the scenes that puts the puzzle of our life blessings into place.

23 years ago (December 1, 1991 to be exact) I got on a plane in Panama Canal Zone with 2 small children and came home to Tennessee.  My marriage was done, he had cheated on me and I moved home because I couldn't live with the abuse or him any longer. I was afraid the abuse would transfer to my children so I had to get out of there.

Most of my life story is written down now in this blog (sorry, not in chronological order) so if you have been reading along, you know a big part of the past 23 years. Here is a summary:

*Single Parent for 11 years
*Remarried and that spouse cheated on me too
*Divorced in 2013
*Working hard to move forward and get on with my life keeping myself in church and focused on God's word.

I joined PartyLite in 2003 and the friends, mentors, customers, and extended family through PartyLite has kept me going and motivated in ways I cannot put into words. I had goals with the company and sometimes I met them and sometimes I got scared and quit trying.

November of 2013 I had a conversation with my SRVP where I committed to helping others in the business and asked for her help in building a team here in TN.  We had a lot of bumps in the road, but I became Team Builder May 1st and then one of my teammates reached Team Builder June 1st and we have been working together to grow the team here in TN and other areas as well.

As of December 1, 2014 my team has helped me achieve a PartyLite dream and I now have the title of Unit Leader (If you are local to Middle Tennessee, you might have heard the screaming from the rooftops over the weekend.) We all had to work hard at the goal at the same time to achieve this and I know that God surely blessed each of my team and their businesses during this journey. Without God there would not be a Never Give Up Unit here in Tennessee.

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness and emotion as all the changes to my title became official and I am so blessed with friends in direct sales who totally understand what this means to me. If you don't know, being friends with someone who actively works their direct sales business can be difficult at times because we don't often 'clock-out'.

Many many thanks to those who have cheered me on, asked how I was doing, ordered, hosted and listened while I talked it all out.  You believed in me and that helps so much!

So Yesterday 23 years after leaving the first abusive husband with babies in hand, I got a promotion with a company that believes in men and women and supports them. If you want more information on joining PartyLite please visit www.partylite.biz/nevergiveup/our-opportunity or comment below.

Please don't ever give up. It is a saying many say but few do. Don't let that divorce, bad relationship, icky person at the office put you or your dreams down. Go For It!!

If you are in danger, please call for options at 1-800-799-7233 or immediate danger call 911.
There is ALWAYS a way out if you choose it. Pray and Believe!