Monday, November 24, 2014

Single at the Holiday Table

From where I stand, I face being single at the holiday gatherings with misgivings.

1) I do not want anyone's pity or handouts.
2) I am thankful my children are grown, healthy and living their own lives.

3) I am comfortable with my life choices and thankful I am free from my past.
4) I do not fit into the typical family mold but thankful my sisters, daughter and parents include me with their plans.
5) I find it difficult to put into words how much it hurts to see their happy families doing so well. Don't misunderstand, I am thankful they are happy and together all the time.  But sometimes, I am sad because I don't have what they have. I am human, too.

It is difficult to be the 3rd wheel at gatherings or always feel like the tagalong.  I grew up the oldest of three girls and my younger sisters often tagged along with me. So now I have an inkling of how they felt back then.

Being 44, divorced, single and 'MIMI' to three little children is my description this holiday season. But I should add to that these words as well -
FREE from abuse,
FREE to make decisions,
Free to be Employed full-time
and own my own business.

 I am blessed beyond what I ever imagined.

In all things, be thankful and stay focused on your goal. Always choose to see the blessings even on the darkest days.