Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Facing Fears

I have written before about facing your fears or "feel the fear and do it anyway".

In the past few weeks I personally have faced a few of my fears (rational or irrational in some cases) and once I did the action I was afraid of doing, I was overcome with relief and thankfulness that God gave me the courage to reach out to those I had been staying away from or avoiding for different reasons.

Sometimes, I am not easy to get along with and I can be judgmental of others. And through that and the past 2 months of my life, I have pushed away some people that I thought were no longer part of my team.  Then things happen in my life and/or business that I am so drawn to those people that I had to 'jump over the fear' and email them or text them to tell them what had happened.  Feelings were repaired, apologies made and laughter happened again.

It is good to have friends that you don't always agree with, but you have to have an open heart to learn from them and to hold your tongue at times as well. If you are open to it, you just might learn something in the process.  I firmly believe that if we stop learning, we stop growing.

I have been avoiding certain restaurants not because of their food or an allergy, but because someone who works there knew me and my ex-husband.  This had been weighing on me as something very silly that I need to get over and I just kept putting it off.  Last night, after a candle party in Gallatin, I got into my hometown and nothing much was open.  So I drove over to one restaurant to grab something to eat for a late dinner.  I got there 10 minutes before closing and sure enough I recognized a pickup truck in the lot. I took a deep breath and said "Hello" to the night manager and it was a good chat. I am thankful that I took the chance to speak to them and buried my issues. It was not this person's fault that his friend ended my marriage and it was time to let things go.

So, If I can reach out to someone that was angry at me and reach out to someone that I was afraid to speak to, you can overcome your fears and go forward.

Don't spend your life afraid, every day find something to be thankful for and please don't let fear run your life. #live #celebrate #joyful