Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I personally have mixed feelings about Halloween. I don't think you are sinning by participating in Halloween but I do prefer fun costumes over scary costumes. I think it is for the kids and can be a fun time for them if you choose to allow it.

Growing up my sisters and I got masks/costumes from the store and went to about 10-15 houses around our house and that was it. We had a party at school and had to wear turtlenecks under our costumes if it was chilly outside.

When I became a parent, my children had costumes and when they were school-age they were usually invited to a fall festival. When my daughter was in Girl Scouts, we had either a fall festival or a Birthday Celebration for Juliette Gordon Low (founder of GSUSA) at our local National Guard Armory. The kids first trick or treat stop was my parents house and then a few houses that were decorated around there.  Then we would finish up visiting friends at the apartment complex where we lived. We usually finished the evening by watching Halloweentown and it's sequels and eating popcorn and/or pizza.

Once my children hit those teenage years.. Halloween became weird because that is when the meanness was more noted in my memory. We had a party at the house and then usually stayed up late watching movies (if we didn't have school/work the next day).

Now I have grandchildren -
My daughter and her husband and son usually coordinate their costumes and it always turns out adorable. Nikolai has been a Chocolate Chip Cookie (my daughter was a Baker), and Bamm-Bamm (my daughter was Betty Rubble, my son in law was Barney) over the years. I am not exactly sure what their theme is this year but I am sure it will be cute.

My grandchildren that are out west went last year as a Soldier (Kaden) and Leopard (Abby). I have been told by my son earlier today that this year Kaden will be a Ninja and Abby is going as Doc McStuffins. I can't wait to see the photos!

No matter how you party on Halloween, please be safe and keep your eyes open and don't get into dangerous situations. If you need immediate assistance, call 911  - otherwise call 1-800-799-7233 for help and guidance from the Domestic Violence Hotline.

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