Monday, September 29, 2014

Hatred is for the birds

This morning I was convicted that I need to let some things in my life go, I need to let go of hatred and forgive people in my life now and from my past.  I honestly do not wish any harm towards either of my ex-husbands anymore.  I am working on forgiving the most recent ex-husband and have to do this everyday. 

I flat out refuse to go to Hell because of my unforgiveness of him.  I wish things had not worked out the way they have but I also trust the Almighty God more than any man on this earth. God works everything together for his purpose and good.  He truly makes masterpieces out of our mess.

I am not strong enough or brave enough to email and speak to either of them but I know God knows my heart.

Today’s lesson at my church was about learning to live in the valley and the phrase “Where Jesus Goes with me, I will go”. That is going to be my constant partner and mantra this week. God is with us everyday in everyway. Nothing can hurt us and Trust God No matter what happens every day.

I want to have the abundant life promised in John 10:9-11

I promise today forward that I will do my dead level best to love more every day. Hatred poisons our heart and the person that hurt us may never even know they hurt us.

I will continue to protect myself and my children and grandchildren. I refuse to live in fear.  I have been a victim of fear, depression, and anxiety in the past and even every day. But God redeemed me and has promised in his word that He will cover me no matter what.

I am reminded of the courage of Daniel and how he refused to let the laws of the land keep him from daily prayers… wow. Makes me really wonder what I would have chosen in that same situation.

Be of good courage! You have something to offer!  Are you good at crafts, scrapbooking, cooking, decorating?  If it comes easy to you as breathing, then that is YOUR GIFT!! 

In the past I have been a Secretary, a Girl Scout Leader, A fundraiser coordinator and over the past 11 years, a PartyLite consultant. I love what I do with PartyLite. Giving away free candles is FUN. If you want to know more about Partylite, please let me know.

More importantly, I want you to be safe. I want every person reading this to know that there is hope in our Lord and Savior. He will take you in. He will show you the way.  Everyone has a choice. You just have to open your eyes and See it!!   It takes courage to take the untraveled road. 

One of my ex-husbands laughed at everything I attempted to do.. the other one, claimed to believe in me and want the best for me.  I don’t know to this day who was sincere or messing with me. But I know God has blessed the path I am on right now.

To God be the GLORY. For through him I am eternally blessed. He provides every need I have.