Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cherished Moments

This morning about 5:15 when my alarm went off, I rolled over and hit the button on my cellphone to shut it off and then I heard little feet running down the hallway outside my room.

That meant only one thing -- my grandson Nikolai was awake and looking for his mom (who had already left for work). So I get up and go pick him up and both of us are half asleep and half awake and I got those cherished early morning hugs from a 3 year old.

As I sat on the bed with him wrapped in his blanket I cuddled him and rocked and then I started to cry.  I didn't cry for anyone here in Tennessee. I cried for my grandchildren in Utah that I am unable to see because of geography.  I cried for the times when my two children were small enough that a hug from mom could make everything perfect.

Then I wiped away my tears hugged Nikolai one more time and handed him to my mom (AKA Nana) so I could get ready for work.

Hug the ones close to you and reach out to those far away. Let them know you care!

So this morning I am sending hugs to Kaden & Abby this morning from Mimi. I miss you so much!!

Take care of yourself and if you need assistance, check out your local YWCA or call 1-800-799-7233 (domestic violence hotline).

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