Friday, July 11, 2014

Say everything with kindness

Words, attitude and tone of voice mean a great deal when you are speaking to others. Consider how you sound when you speak. Do your words have value or are they empty complaints to hear your own voice to get what you want???

I cannot stand to hear people complain. I have worked in customer service for many years of my adult life and I am professional with my customers and co-workers when the need arises during the work week. 

When I hear people talk on the phone about how they are going to lodge a complaint with the sole purpose of getting their items free, people that is just flat out wrong and it is also a form of stealing. 

Consider this, You place an order for a customized specialty cake with a local bakery.  You pick up your order at the appointed time, the bakery employee (or the cake decorator themselves) has you check the cake over and you say to their face that the cake is great or wonderful and thank them with a smile. Then you go home and have your party, eat the cake and then call the store back telling them how the order was wrong or the color of the icing was not exactly what you ordered.  Depending on the chain or store you are dealing with, you might get part or all of your money back because the store wants to keep you happy. So you got your cake for free.  Have you ever thought of what happens to the person that created that cake for you or how they are treated after you LIED to get what you wanted for free? 

IF you had taken the time to speak to the decorator and tell them to their face what was incorrect (if anything actually was), they usually can fix any errors on the spot and keep everyone happy. Then you pay for your cake and you have been honest and upfront and not caused anyone to written up because you wanted a FREE cake.

All in all, this boils down to choices.  You can choose to get upset over tiny things that don't make a bit of difference at the end of the day or you can sit there and scheme and complain to get your way and make people in service jobs run the other way when they see you coming into their shop.

Some bosses punish their workers when they have to give a refund and some don't. I have been thrown under the bus by former supervisors when they caught a minor typo in a newsletter I sent out.  My supervisor actually told a bank manager that I was inept and stupid because of a minor typo. This went on my Performance Evaluation and everything. This did not make me work harder, it made me hate my supervisor in those days.

There is nothing wrong with complete honest constructive criticism given in love.  What is wrong is your mental attitude when your sole purpose is to get someone fired or wrote up because they upset you or told you something you didn't want to hear. 

And please, if you find a fly in your bag of celery, don't call the grocery store to demand your money back. Because honestly that celery was not bagged at the store in most cases and all you are doing is making yourself look stupid by demanding a refund.