Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reaching Out

With all the flying and traveling I have done over the past 18 months, you would think I would take a book on a plane to keep myself occupied and in my own little world.  Well, I had good intentions but God had other plans on flight 2979 last Saturday night from Orlando.

I was tired from waiting an extra 2 hours in the airport cause of delays due to storms and just wanted a window seat so I could watch the sky as we flew home.

So I made it to the back of the plane and grabbed the first window seat I could get to and settled in not really paying attention to my surroundings. Mentally I was reliving the trip and making a goal list for the coming days.

Then a young man asked if the seat in the middle was taken and we said no. So this young man stowed his backpack and sat between me and the young lady in the aisle seat.

I couldn't help but notice the young man had a buzz cut and it quickly reminded me of my son and what he looked like before and after Basic/AIT. (My son is a PFC in the US Army.)  I tried to shut myself up and I questioned if I should start a conversation.  I thought and thought and finally decided to speak up and told myself he would think I was crazy for asking him the question, but Oh well, he wouldn't be the first to think I was crazy.

I took a deep breath and asked, "Do you happen to be in the military?"  He smiled really big and said Yes, how did you know? Then I went on to tell him about my son in the Army and turns out this young man lives really close to where I work and is in the Coast Guard Academy. It made for a very nice flight home.

So, Don't be afraid to reach out and speak to someone, you just might make a friend!

Take care of yourself and seek help! Don't feel alone!