Thursday, June 26, 2014

A day in my life

Lately I have been so focused on meeting sales goals that I have neglected the part of my life called living and enjoying the moment. I am tired, I am weak, I am worn out!

I have been having tooth pain for almost 6 weeks and finally went into the dentist yesterday to get the tooth checked out. I went in there praying they would just take the tooth and let me leave. I am really bad about not going to the doctor until the pain is so bad I cannot handle it any more and the same goes for my teeth. 

I was not afraid of the shot of novacaine or even the pain while the tooth was being pulled, I was afraid of the cost. I went 2-3 years without dental insurance and almost a year without health insurance and survived through it all.

So, yesterday I go in there, meet the dentist and tell him what was going on.  I fully admitted that I had not been to a dentist in a long while. They did x-rays of all my teeth and the dentist gave me all my options. It was very refreshing to have a doctor (of any kind) list out my options and let me make the decision.

I still opted to have the troublesome tooth pulled and today I am in a lot of pain still. But I know that particular tooth is gone and this pain will go away with time and pain medication.

Thankfully, my dental insurance covered nearly all the cost of the extraction yesterday and I now have a dentist I can trust and I will be going back to take care of myself in the future months.  YAY me for choosing to take care of myself for a change.

Then, I get a comment from my ex husband on social media last night.. Oh, Boy, that upset me but I blocked him and warned others that he was on yet another social media site. 

All I want to do is move forward. The divorce was final 8/1/13 and I just don't understand why he continues to contact me. I have nothing to say to him and wish he would just leave me and my kids alone. (My kids are from my first marriage and both my kids do speak to their biological father from time to time.)

So, I made a huge triumph yesterday by facing a fear and then I got blindsided by the ex last night.. Today I am still here and still moving forward, but shaking my head at things I just don't understand.

Some days it is very hard to move forward and today I am refusing to beat myself up for my past because God has already forgiven me and I have to move on to make a difference and help others.

Keep moving forward no matter what your family, friends, enemies say!!
Get in the Word every day - This is your meat and potatoes for the daily struggle! Don't depend on devotionals alone - they are merely your vitamins and man cannot live on vitamins and do any real good for the Kingdom of God.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911 - For help and options for your domestic situation, please call 1-800-799-7233.