Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is to remember those who didn't come home from the wars. Some areas also refer to this as Remembrance Day.

As a mom to a soldier and a mother in law to a man who served two tours overseas before his 23rd birthday, I have a deep abiding respect for those who serve and the families who keep going while the soldier/sailor is away.  In another lifetime, I was an Army wife and we were stationed in the Panama Canal Zone right after Noriega was ousted in 1990. I have seen the ugly remains of buildings and people after being in a war zone, and if you think it is glorious, you have simply seen too many hollywood movies in my opinion.

I spent part of 2011 as an employee at Middle TN State Veterans Cemetery and we would have up to 5 burials a day every day for every branch of service. At that time we were close to the 10,000 burial mark at the cemetery. Seeing that many families week to week in the short time I worked there, has forever made an impression on me.  You can argue about politics all day long, but don't forget about the ones who served.

I was at this same cemetery in 2009 when a dear friend of mine from Girl Scouts had to bury her mother. I always knew that her dad was retired from the Navy and both her parents are buried at MTSVC. So, you see, it is not just the soldiers/sailors buried there, the spouses can be interred as well.

Don't forget our veterans who came home and need medical attention, Don't forget the ones serving now (Ft. Carson is where my son is stationed) and please don't ever forget the sacrifice made for us over and over in every war that keeps our country free. 

God Loves you and God will never leave you.
Please get to a safe place and take care of yourself and your children.
My prayers are with every person reading this who is in a difficult and/or abusive situation. I pray you are safe and ask for help.