Saturday, May 31, 2014

Marking Time

We all mark time here on earth in some way. I have a calendar on my phone, an alarm clock on my phone, a calendar on my desk at the office and a business calendar for my business.

I have a knack for remembering dates and specific things about those dates. I can tell you what both of my ex husbands were wearing the day I met them, where I met them and most of the events of those days.  I also struggle on their birthdays, our anniversaries and even on good memory days with each of them. I hate this about myself and have often wished to be an android or a Vulcan so that I could not be emotional when these dates on the calendar creep up on me.

Yes, my divorce is still considered 'fresh' by a lot of people and memories still creep up on me when I least expect them. I do not readily speak about this cause of the eye-rolling and comments from well-meaning people telling me to just get over it already. I am still grieving in many ways because of all the lost dreams, plans and events that were supposed to happen when those relationships were new and seemingly healthy for all concerned.

There could be a 100 reasons for a single or married person to have a bad day, but it could also be a memory of a loved one that hit them in the middle of the day when they realized whose birthday was today out of the blue. Be kind and be gentle with others at all times, for you have no idea what they are going through no matter how well you believe you know the person.

I continue to fight the fight to go forward and make lots of great new memories with the people who are in my life today, this year and this month. I will not let my past defeat me because quite frankly, I don't live there anymore.

Travel with me to the Promised Land. There will be mistakes, mess ups, accidents and U-Turns as well as triumphs, blessings and births along the way.  I promise you the journey will be an adventure and once we arrive, we will know that the journey was worth it all.

Choosing to be positive no matter what the world says tonight.
Seek out those in your circles who will help you and don't let the naysayers win!