Friday, May 30, 2014

Bullies, Prayer and Forgiveness

Bullies are everywhere. They are in our churches, our youth groups, our homes, marriages, our workplace and our families and our friends probably bully some one in some way at times. I don't believe that most people wake up in the morning with a list of people to make miserable. I do believe that bullying/manipulation is a choice people make to get their way.

When you see a group of teenagers and someone says something mean to one person and then realizes that the statement hurt their feelings and then the offender comes back saying, "oh, lighten up, I was just kidding around." This is bullying in the passive aggressive form.  They got away with putting someone down in a social setting and likely got some laughs from a group they wanted popularity with.  But this happens in tons of social settings (birthday parties, going away parties, office events, etc.) because those who are loud & boisterous can get away with it because the person they chose to belittle/put down will choose silence and will not cause a scene. 

When the bullied person dares to speak up to the bully, they usually get a dirty look or the silent treatment from the group and that enforces the behavior in the bully because they see the event as a win for them and their 'status' in the group.

I am 43 years old and have had something very similar happen to me about 4 times this year. It throws me into a tailspin and I do consider leaving the group because I felt picked on and belittled.  I also thought everyone in the group felt that way about me.  But I have realized over the past few weeks that the bullying I am going through is a person being used by the devil to push me away from my church family that is so near and dear to my heart. I took my issues and questions to my pastor and he assured me that this person has no right to push me away and that I have every right to be a part of the congregation no matter what this other person says about me to my face or behind my back. 

I have been told recently that my prayer life was not correct or good enough to help others. I have been told that I don't have enough faith to pray for people or things in my life that I want to see changed.  I also took that to my pastor and he confirmed that it was another attack on my belief and faith.

I have not yet found the strength to confront this person about the specific events. When I am moved to freely speak to this person, I will confront them and tell them how they have hurt me and how they were being used to push me out of the Kingdom of God.

Because of all these recent attacks on me and my family, my prayers are now stronger and louder than before and my faith is stronger.  I do forgive this person for what they did to me because I do not believe they did it on purpose or realized how deeply they damaged our friendship.

Keep praying, keep reading the word and focus on the promises of God that you know are true. Do not let anyone in any church, work, family, friend, social setting change your mind about your faith. God will carry you through everything you are going through. Trust God and Don't give up!

If you need help out of a domestic situation please call 1-800-799-7233 and get help to get to a safe place. There are programs in place to help you. I am here standing on the other side as proof positive you can get through it!  My prayers and love for everyone reading this go out today for peace in your homes and wisdom for the situations you are facing. God Loves You!