Wednesday, April 16, 2014


On the ride to work this morning I heard a local DJ speak about the upcoming Easter Sunday as though it was a Spiritual SuperBowl for our faith. 

While I understand his enthusiasm for his faith, I do not personally agree with the statement. I was raised in the Church of Christ and we did not place any specific reverence on any Sunday over any other Sunday. I recall hearing classmates speaking about special services for Communion Sunday and Sunrise Services for Easter and had to go home and ask my dad what these things were. 

In the Church of Christ we had Communion every Sunday according to the commandments in Luke during the last supper when Jesus broke bread with the Apostles before he was forsaken. In Luke 22, after breaking the bread, Jesus told the Apostles to "remember me in this way".

We didn't even call Easter Sunday by the name Easter and we got new Spring dresses not Easter outfits. There was no dinner on the ground or Sunrise Service although there were a lot of visitors on Easter as well as the Sunday closest to Christmas.

After much thought during my workday, I chose to post this on the facebook page from the morning show I listen to. The DJ had asked if his listeners had any special plans for Easter and I simply answered.  I know it won't be popular and it will not get any likes but I am done hiding my faith and beliefs. 

"My family has never done anything different on Easter Sunday than every other Sunday during the year. We go to church, have lunch and go home. Making a big deal out of one specific Sunday on the calendar makes no sense to me. We should celebrate the Resurrection Every Sunday that the Lord sends until he returns. Lots of pews will be full this Sunday with folks that won't be back until Christmas and that has always made me very sad. You can't get a relationship with someone 2 Sundays a year."

I realize today's article was not related to healing but it was true to my beliefs and my upbringing. I continue to pray for your safety if you are in a dangerous situation and look forward to reading your comments.

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