Wednesday, March 26, 2014


We all have wounds.

Some have healed long ago and you don't even think about them any longer. Some of us have raw open bleeding wounds that just won't heal for some reason or another. And then we have those wounds that are scabbed over, but we keep picking at them cause they itch and we cause them to re-open.

I am referring to all types of wounds (wounded hearts, souls, feelings, etc).  Some wounds are pushed down and away and it takes you 20 years to truly heal from them. Other wounds really perplex us and we honestly do not know how to treat them or how to start the healing process.

I have no medical training other than Red Cross First Aid/CPR that I received every other year while I was a GS leader, but I know a few things about open wounds. 

1) The wound must be cleaned.
2) The wound must be treated with some type of medicine usually.
3) The wound must be covered so that it is not re-infected.
4) The injured person usually has to stop certain activities depending on severity of injury.

I always hated being the one to tell an 8 year old that she had to sit down for a few hours at a campout after she busted her knee open on a hike when she fell. The girl usually was very upset at first but my girls usually rallied around her and made her feel part of the events even if she couldn't play the game or get to the campfire as easily as they could. 

In the case of my wounded heart after my divorce was final, I had a big dinner with friends to celebrate the new chapter of my life (that was cleaning).

I cut off contact with the ex-spouse to clear my head and chose to spend lots of time in study and asked for lots of guidance from my Godly friends that had been divorced (that was my medicine).

I continue to enjoy being single and cherish every moment with my grandkids and stay thankful that God brought me to the other side of that bad marriage and saw fit to bless me with great family and friends to support me. (that is my covering).

I have chosen to turn down dates and 'match ups' from friends and acquaintances because I am fearful of another bad relationship. (this is preventing future wounds).

I am still healing even today through lots of other relationships in the business world, my personal life and my family.  Sometimes I take a break and hide from the world so that I can be sure I am on the right track with God. Never Fear, I will be back to fight another day!! I have come too far to give up now.

Call 911 for immediate danger situations! - Call 1-800-799-7233 for Domestic Hotline and get help from trained counselors!