Wednesday, March 12, 2014

View from the Fish Bowl

I consider the life I grew up in a fish bowl.  If you have ever been in a leadership position with a church, community, work or organization, then you know first hand that you are immediately put into a place of being watched when you take on a leadership position. Every single thing you do, say or avoid saying becomes scrutinized when you have that position of leadership. It is not easy to be the one in charge and you are held doubly accountable as well.

I am the oldest of three daughters and my dad has been a minister since 1965. I am very proud of the work my father has done over the years. Growing up with your father as the minister is not easy at all. I felt I had to be 'perfect' at home and at church and be a certain way for certain people. I always felt like I was on the outside looking in with the other kids my age at the churches we attended.  I always felt separate from them because of who my dad was.  I did my best to make the choices expected of me, but I failed miserably at being the person I wanted to be.

I don't regret any of my upbringing and we were blessed in our home by the churches and many families we came in contact with over the years. I have many extended family friends because of the churches my father was a part of during my life.  My dad is one of the kindest and friendliest men you will ever meet and I have never seen him see a stranger. He is so very kind to everyone he meets every day. Dad worked 40 years for the State of Tennessee during the week and was a minister on Sunday and Wednesday to the church he was working with at the time. He truly gave his life to those churches over the years.

I have often regretted that I did not live up to my parent's expectations but I truly did the best I knew how at the time. I did the best to raise my children the best way I could think of.

Please be kind to those in leadership in your church because you don't know what kind of pressure they are under. Keep your pastor and his family in your prayers for direction and leadership and wisdom.

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