Monday, March 10, 2014


We all have traffic in our lives. We have traffic on the roads we travel to go to work or school or run our errands. We have mental traffic in the thoughts that come to mind. We also have people traffic in the people we deal with on a daily basis like co-workers, family, friends and acquaintances or business contacts.

Just like traffic on the interstates and highways, we must choose which lane to drive in and whether to be aggressive or passive in our daily lives. We can be aggressive and constantly change lanes and yell at the other drivers or we can take a peaceful attitude and relax about what is going on around us to keep ourselves safe on the highways. I used to get really upset and frustrated when I got into traffic jams on the highway but I finally realized about 3 years ago that all that fuming and griping and complaining and changing lanes did NOT get me to my destination any faster and all it really did was upset me for the day and make my blood pressure go up.

All of these things hold true in every traffic we face. Another example is how you deal with people. You can get upset and angry because someone doesn't speak to you or you can smile and go your way in peace and not look back. I have co-workers that I speak to daily and have really gotten to know. I also have co-workers that drive me up the wall every day and I have to work really hard to ignore them and not let them steal my joy of being thankful for my job and staying in a peaceful state of mind.

Last but not least is the mental traffic in our heads. The memories that come to mind when a song plays at a restaurant that takes you back to 1985 when life was fun and carefree and your whole life revolved around your grades in school, who you were going to the game or concert with and all you can do is smile cause you still love those people and are thankful they are in your life. 

Bottom Line - Please don't let the traffic steal your joy and please no matter what, Stay in a peaceful state of mind as much as possible.

I hope you all have a great Monday and stay safe! The hotline to get assistance is 1−800−799−7233.