Monday, March 3, 2014

My Hero

Over the weekend my mom said I reminded her of her mother. We called her Mama Mac and she passed March 6, 2006 and I miss her so much. I am dedicating this article to her.

She worked for 35 years in the pencil plant in Lewisburg, TN running a machine that packaged pencils. When she retired, she spent a lot of her time with her friends from church or work and they liked to go shopping in Huntsville or Columbia quite often. When I had Kourtney and Brian, she was always ready to jump in her car and drive here to help out if someone was sick.

One of the memories that make me smile are her doing some ironing (she said it relaxed her) and helping Brian with his spelling homework. She could spell any word Brian asked her about. Mama Mac only had an 8th grade education and had worked at the Shoe Factory before she worked at the pencil factory. I always said she could run circles around me and mom no matter what we had going on.

One March, she also joined us at a GS Troop meeting. We were working on the Her Story Try-It for Brownie Girl Scouts and I had asked the moms, aunts and grandmothers to join us and share their memories with us.  I still have the photo with her and my troop of Girl Scouts who patiently listened to Mama Mac tell them about living on a farm with all her brothers and sisters and having to catch and kill the chicken before having dinner that day.  Every one of my scouts that day gave her a hug and we made sure Mama Mac got the badge too.

In 2005, my family and I were looking to move into a rental house for the first time after living our lives in apartments for many years.  We had found a house that reminded me of Mama Mac's house in Lewisburg.  So when we asked her if she wanted to see it, she jumped in the car and said, "Let's go!"  I made a picture of her that day in the living room and treasure that photo to this day.

I wish I could introduce her to her great-great-grandchildren but somehow I know she is watching over them.  Treasure those around you and tell them everyday how much they mean to you.

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