Friday, February 14, 2014


Remember in grade school where you bought a pack of paper valentine cards and the list of your classmates and spent time at the kitchen table writing everyone's name on a card whether you liked them or not?  I can still see in my mind's eye sitting at the kitchen table doing this very thing with my sister the week of Valentine's Day. Some years the school teacher would let us make a box at home and bring it in or sometimes we made them in school as a group project.  Either way, most of us ended up with a box/bag of little paper valentine's signed by all our classmates and some candy at the school party.

Then you get to Junior High and hope that cute guy from social studies knew you were alive and that he would spend 50 cents to send you a candygram during the week of Valentine's Day. High School was much the same for me watching the popular girls all get flowers on Valentine's Day from either their boyfriends or their parents. I didn't care who they got the flowers from, I just thought it was cool they got flowers and someone knew they were alive.

Now, here I am 43 years old and I consider my grandchildren my "Valentines" this year. There will not be anyone sending me flowers or candy for a while because I am single and thankful to be free to do as I please. Don't feel sorry for me and don't send me a cute little Valentine's Day message because I will delete it.  IF you only tell someone you love them on their birthday, a holiday or something else dictated by society, Is that really love? Or is it obligation?

I never got my children any major gifts on Valentine's Day. I bought them their cards for their class and we usually had some chocolate candy at the house on Happy Heart Day (which is what I called it). But we also spent 8 years of Valentine's weekend (or the timeframe around it) selling Girl Scout Cookies at the local grocery or discount store because I was a GS leader and it was the first weekend to get those cookies out of my living room. 

Be blessed and enjoy this day of love - but remember that you should show that love every day not just when the calendar tells you to :)

Much Prayer and blessings to each of you and please share the blog on your pages to spread the word about Domestic Violence and that you can get out of the situation. You are not alone!