Friday, February 21, 2014

Many faces of Therapy

When I say the word therapy many things come to mind. In my mind's eye I see a counselor's office, a doctor's office, physical therapy or just friend therapy.  There are many ways to heal from your wounds and you have to find the way that helps you best.

There is nothing wrong with seeking out a counselor or therapist to help get you through rough times and I have tried everything over the years.  It took me years to trust my closest friends (or the ones I would let inside my barriers) with what I have really been through.

I have friends that have been through similar situations that can totally relate and I have friends that are great listeners and can empathize with me even though they have not lived through the extent of my experiences.  This is where Christian friends and a female support group became so important to me.

I knew in July of 2012, I was gonna need some angels here on earth to talk me through quite a bit and I reached out to one months before I ever moved back and she is always there to listen, tells me to "Just Breathe and Pray" constantly. I have not been able to talk to my mom and I really didn't want to dump my troubles on my daughter and I didn't want to bother my sisters either cause they were living their own lives.  So I leaned heavily on my church friends and pastor and they have helped me see what I needed to see and helped me through some very rough times.

Last week, while I was avoiding anything that looked like a Valentine, I was also searching my mind for someone else who needed a night out and messaged a friend of mine.  We had a great night catching up at a local place and it was really good to just sit and talk about life and how far we have come. 

Earlier this week another friend asked me to go with her to visit a local museum that neither of us had ever been to. That was a blessed night to walk the exhibits, sit and talk and truly be real with each other.  So while Nashville was getting rainy weather and high winds we were helping each other heal at the museum.

So today I want to say thank you to all my friends who lift me up and listen to me and I offer the same therapy back to you. Just call or text me and we will keep holding each other up no matter what we are facing.  

Deep down in your heart you know you have a few people close by that you can truly be honest with and share your life struggles with. Pray about it first if you are uncertain but I pray for you to find a friend to listen to you and help hold you up as I have. 

I would truly be lost without all my friends whether they live close by or there are miles between us. Every person who was walked this path with me has helped me in some way and You mean the world to me.