Monday, January 6, 2014


Storms come into our lives through the people we know, through situations out of our control and some storms we ourselves created.  I am referring to financial, mental, relational, work and even physical storms we face in regards to our health.

I have asthma and COPD and I try to ignore it most of the time.  This does not make it go away in fact in some cases over the past month, my refusal to take care of my  health has created issues that I am forced to deal with now.  I don't always take my medication or do my breathing treatments because I hate how they make me feel.  I hate these illnesses and I have to take responsibility for my health or I will not be any good for anyone else in my life or business.  Today I made the decision to take care of myself!

I explain all this to you as an example of a storm you may have in your life that you try to sweep under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist.  You may wish with everything in your heart that you could quit smoking but you are afraid and don't know where to start.  Ask someone in your circle of friends/acquaintances who has quit smoking if they would be willing to help you.  You could learn a lot from someone who has already made that journey.

You may wish you had a better job or a bigger home for your family. Seek out people who work in the fields of human resources or are trainers or others who have upsized their house recently. They can give you a true story of what it took to get where they are and most people will be glad to give you a hand to help along the way.

I used to be so envious of a boss I had who always looked the right way, said the right things and seemingly had everything together. I finally told her during a meltdown at work how jealous I was of her cause she had such a perfect life.  She took me to lunch and told me her story and I was shocked to learn how much she struggled to get what she had.  Our lives were not mirrors of each other and we never became close friends, but she taught me to "never sweat the small stuff" and guess what? It is ALL "small stuff". 

Praise you in this Storm  This is the song I leave you with today. Constantly praise God in every storm (both big and small)

When we seek God in everything we face, we will have more peace and more wisdom with every trial that the enemy puts in our path. Prayers that you all stay safe!