Sunday, January 19, 2014

Share your Knowledge with a Caring Attitude

I have a few goals for 2014 to learn a few new things and take a few risks. There is nothing life-threatening about what I have in mind, I just want to stretch myself and experience new things.

I am going to be training others and teaching them how to use their computers to improve their online business. I have had to learn and research how my audience learns and their level of knowledge.  I try really hard to remember that not everyone has a computer keyboard as an extension of their life as I have had for 18 or more years.  I often compose letters and flyers at the keyboard and 10 years ago, I had to write everything out with pen/paper before typing it up.  I also pray before every training and every opportunity that I use helpful words they understand and a helpful tone. It is fun to hear from other team members when they learn to do something online that they had not been able to do previously. That is truly the reward of a trainer.

I also have signed up for a couple of painting parties.  What is a painting party? It is where a local art teacher holds a class where all the students pay a fee to paint a picture depending on the season or even fundraising.  The fee covers the canvas, paints, brushes and supplies.  I usually begged off of anything to do with painting because I have a shaky hand and rarely draw much less paint a straight edge.  My first effort at painting a picture was pretty good. I was a nervous wreck about half way through because my edges were anything but straight and I felt it looked really messy. Another student was extremely well versed in painting and crafts and she made me very nervous and I almost quit a couple of times because of her overbearing perfection and "know-it-all" attitude.  But, in the end, I finished and even posted my snowman on facebook for all to see and critique.

I heard a few months ago in a lesson that we as Christians are taught to tell the truth and speak truth in love.  To me that means to teach those around you and when they ask for your opinion, then you are supposed to tell them the truth but say it in love.  In closing, please be gracious when you are teaching or learning and those around you will want you to return. #sharing #caring #teaching #knowledge #truthinlove