Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

I know that the holidays can be some of the most difficult days when you are dealing with grief, depression, loss, separation and divorce.  Those silly family oriented commercials that make everyone think their lives are supposed to look like a Norman Rockwell Painting just hurt even more this time of year.

I want to send each of you reading/following my story a hug and a note of encouragement. You are not alone, You are Loved and You are Special!

I challenge each of you to stretch yourselves by choosing to start your day with something positive. I try to read my Bible every morning when I get to the office so that I start they day in the right frame of mind. Deadlines, office politics and normal workday hassles can quickly bring a person down if they don't start off on a positive footing.

I wish you love and peace and a kind hearted attitude for all of 2014 but most of all thankfulness every day!