Sunday, January 5, 2014

Exchange worry for peace

When bad things happen that are not on your script for the day, do you freak out and spend hours worrying about what will happen and worry so much you make yourself sick?

There are things that I am faced with that put me in a tailspin of worry and I do still have panic-stricken days while I am in the middle of a troublesome situation out of my control. I finally feel like I have made a breakthrough in regards to worthless worrying.

As most of you know 12/22/2013, I was in a car wreck on the Vail Pass while traveling from Colorado to Utah. Yes, during the initial aftermath we were all shaken up but once we realized that all 3 of us were unscratched and could walk away from that mountain, we settled into the issues at hand of dealing with the vehicle, towing, police and getting situated for the rest of the day.

I was upset, and a little frightened but I was not fearful of what we would do or if we would be truly stranded for very long.  I had this inner peace and total thoughts of thankfulness to be alive. I knew we would be okay and I then set my mind to keep myself together and prayed for peace and wisdom.  After the wreck happened, I texted 5-6 friends/family who were back home in TN and asked them to pray for us and 3 special people were my lifelines during the whole time I was on the trip.

I know learning to let go of worry is a process. I can also say that after my recent trip, I am amazed at the peacefulness I had during the majority of the trip. We were blessed by the towing company, the hotel staff, extended family and friends who reached out to help us during the stop over and all along the way. It really humbles you when you are contacted on facebook by a friend of a friend offering to drive you somewhere safe.

I don't really have a moral for my story, other than to suggest you constantly pray about everything. Prayer can change things and you don't know, maybe someone is praying for you while you are reading this!

No matter what you are going through please don't give up and please ask for help!